Coach Hallpike Optimistic About Season Ahead

Matthew Carnero Macias, Staff Writer

March 29 resulted in a victory of 6-1 against College of Lake County. Coach Clark Hallpike is optimistic about the season ahead, especially with the great moral and tons of momentum from last year’s incredible season.

It was coach Clark Hallpike’s all-freshman team who displayed their ambition and potential for growth and a promising 2016 season.

Considering it was the first game of the season, Hallpike’s roster is deep with talent. Josh Hagel and Kasuke Enamo are two players who may have an outstanding season.

With a total of nine regular season matches, four of them will be away and five will be home- home is Centre Court in Hanover Park and Judson University in Elgin.

One rivalry to look out for this season is Prairie State College. They too have an all-freshman team as well. The two schools have much in common in that the emphasis is maturity and growth.

“We can continue to practice and work on things and help them to mature so that when we have the regional tournament they can do well,” said Hallpike. “The better you are the less coaching you need but everybody needs coaching at every level.”

Although the 2016 season started off on the right-and left foot-it would be safe to say the 2015 season was perhaps the greatest ECC has ever had, including players.

“I don’t think we can ever improve on last year,” said Hallpike. “Last year was the best team that I ever had in 29 years.”

Parker Featherston was named MVP of the Decade, an award in which was a first for Hallpike as well as Elgin Community College. Not only did last season boast an MVP of the Decade, the Spartans once again prevailed and secured yet another Regional Championship.

Currently there are only five players on the roster but Hallpike anticipates another player or two to join.

April 7 will be the Spartan’s first home match of the season. They will be competing against Waubonsee Community College. The match begins at 2:45 p.m.