ECC’s Gamers United club brings a Magic the Gathering tournament this fall

Matt Karambelas, Managing Editor

The Gamers United Club at Elgin Community College is having a Magic the Gathering card game tournament for any student who wants to participate. Gamers United is a group of individuals who, as you may have guessed it, play games of all different kinds. One of these games is a card game called Magic the Gathering. 

This semester they’re trying something different by hosting a tournament where ECC students can play for bragging rights. The tournament is filled, with two students playing against each other each week. They bring their decks and their strategies on how to win.

The tournament is set to begin Sept 18 for members in the Gamers United club. Every week the students facing off against each will be in different rooms but a good majority will be in B building. B building is where the club meets every week from 1 to 4  in the afternoon. 

The start of the semester brought a number of students wanting to join the club which wasn’t seen for a few semesters previously. The Gamers United committee chairs at the beginning of the semester agreed to divide up the club in different categories of game type. The club currently houses three different types of games students can play; card games, video games and board games. These categories were made because numerous students showed interest in each of them. The card game section doesn’t just play Magic the Gathering either.

The card game chair of the club, Matthew Schultze, an ECC student since 2018 going for his Music Production certificate, says the club exploded with students in interest in virtually every card game available. 

“There will be posters around the lakeside lounge in the B Building for students to see and get information about if they want,” Schultze said. “We are going to incorporate a point system for students to get so we can have equal matches between students.” 

According to Vice President Rob Phelan, students who are not in the club can join in the tournament if they want to. The Gamers United Club isn’t all just Magic the Gathering games either. According to Vice President Rob Phelan, the Gamers United Club has video games and board games for students to play and meet some new people.

“We are a club who invites anyone and everyone to come by, hang out with some cool people and play some games on top of it,” Phelan said. 

 The Gamers United at ECC is set to have some interesting themed events for the students, including a Halloween themed event in the works. For now the Magic the Gathering tournament is set to begin Sept. 18 with the weeks following for the actual battles between students. There wasn’t an end date in the works for the tournament but there are definitely some bragging rights for whoever is the best Magic the Gathering player at ECC.