TRiO Case Manager discusses his plans at ECC

Carlos Enrique Contreras, Staff Writer


Adan Torres poses for a photo. (Carlos Contreras)

Adan Torres is a student at Elgin Community College, he is an aspiring mechanic and one of the TRiO case managers.

Torres is enrolled in Intro to Automotive Operation and Maintenance and he plans on earning a good grade in the class because he feels that it will help him in the real world.

“My goals for the class is is to get an A and to gain the knowledge to do any repair I would need so that I wouldn’t need a mechanic,” said Torres. 

Torres is interested in the class because he would like to learn to repair his own vehicle. Outside of his automotive interests Torres also plans to get involved in student activities. 

“I plan on joining the Phi Theta Kappa,” said Torres. “I am a student who already possess the GPA that is needed. I have the letter of recommendation but it needs to be completed so that the application can be considered.”

Torres plans on earning his associate degree in applied science to get the required certifications. His goal is to connect with an automotive body shop and become an intern so that he can help people with their cars.