Honors In Action turning to Eco-Action

Carlos Enrique Contreras, staff reporter

On April 12, The Honors In Action group hosted the event called Turning Eco-Anxiety Into Eco-Action. In room B180, they presented a powerful event to get the students involved in the environment, climate change and to make them aware of global warming. It was led by Thomas Corcoran, President of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) and Kelly Stoffle, Honors in Action Chair for PTK. There were about ten attendees.  

They explained many changes occurring in the environment. Along with helpful suggestions of what can be done, like proposals for a climate walk and a river clean-up. 

ECC student Rani Patel, one of the attendees, had a lot of positive thoughts about the event.

“I think that it was a really good and successful way to introduce the ECC community to changes they can make regarding climate change,” Patel said. “Because I know that a lot of people have a lot of anxieties when it comes to climate change. So I feel like this was a really good way for them to help people ease their anxieties and show them different ways they can work on their anxieties.”

The Honors In Action group promoted the climate walk and river clean-up. Patel expressed interest in attending these various events. 

“I would for sure attend another event with what they were talking about earlier,  climate walk and the river clean up,” Patel said. “Those are both ways I see myself participating in  because I see that that is a great way to help the community.” 

There are many things that the students agreed on within the presentation.

“I think that the things that they were suggesting were a good start to what they can do next,” Patel said. “Instead of just informing active participation, they are actively doing things like climate walk and the river clean up.”

Corcoran was pleased with how his group’s presentation went.  

“Our target audience is mainly everyone on campus, the student body,” Corcoran said. “That is why we did this during the day with more of the student body at the event.” 

There was a lot to say about what the event had unfolded.

“The project overall we have focused a lot on climate change and how it impacts refugees,” Corcoran said. “Even last semester I tried to educate the student body on climate change in Latin America. In this semester we are focusing on youth activation and how that influences this topic and issue of climate change.”

The Honors In Action group has more goals this semester. 

“We’re going to be moving on with the fundraiser and a walk in early May,” Corcoran said.

With compelling videos and a stunning presentation, they shared their long-term goals.

“Our goal is to educate the student body,” Corcoran said. “About this topic and issue, it’s a common issue but not mentioned in ECC, and from there to moving toward action.”