Have Fun With These DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff writer

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, to give thanks, eat great food, watch parades and some football. However, sometimes it can be hard to get creative because it can be hard to get inspired, so here are some awesome (and simple) DIY projects that you can make for Turkey Day.

DIY Centerpiece

Here we have a fall inspired centerpiece. This is a mason jar with glass stones on the bottom and a flameless candle. The centerpiece glistens and sparkles, making this the perfect piece for your dinner table! This piece definitely stands out in the middle of your table, and it’s really simple to make! Here’s what you need to do!

What you need:

Mason Jar
Flameless candle
Glass stones
Pretty garland

1) Open up the mason jar
2) Place the stones carefully into the jar
3) Place the candle in the jar and make it so it is in with the stones
4) Close the mason jar (make sure the candle is on!)
5)  Put the garland around the bottom of the jar

DIY Name Cards

There’s nothing like when family comes over  for the holiday season. So, you can make many name cards for their places at the table. Get creative with those name plates and your guests will be sure to feel right at home.

What you need:

Brown, red, yellow, black, orange and white construction paper

1) Cut brown paper in a circle
2) Cut orange red and yellow paper into feather like shapes and glue them on the brown circle
3) Cut a smaller brown circle and glue it onto the larger circle
4) Cut 2 small black circles and glue them on the white circles, that will make eyes
5) Cut a orange triangle and glue it below the eyes
6) Cut 2 yellow strips and glue them at the bottom they will resemble the legs
7) Write your name on the turkey

DIY Indian Headbands

This is something fun for the kids to make, so help them get into the spirit with this popular craft!

What you need:

Crayons or paint
Construction paper
Feathers or more construction paper

1) Cut a strip of brown construction paper
2) Decorate the band in any way that you want
3) Glue the ends together
4) Pick paper for feathers
5) Draw out the feathers
6) Cut out each feather.
7) Fold and slit the feathers.
8) Glue the feathers to the band.
9) Enjoy!