Get in the holiday spirit with fun DIY projects

Lisa Lillianstrom, Staff writer

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, where trees are decorated, people are shopping for loved ones and tons of Christmas cookies are baked. It is also the most crafty time of the year, with tons of craft-makers selling their handmade items. Here are some fun little crafts you can make yourself, whether it is a gift for someone else or a decoration for your own tree. Get creative with these fun projects!

Spiral Ornaments

These beautiful ornaments will glisten by your tree; the sparkly beads stand out especially by the lights on the tree. They make great gifts for people, too!

What you need:

47 in. (120 cm) of 24-gauge wire
Seed beads
1 larger glass bead
2 rounded disk beads
Pearly sequins
Wooden spoon
Ornament hook

1) Thread a seed bead onto the wire then fold the wire in half making sure the bead is positioned at the bottom fold of the wire. Thread both strands of the wire through a glass bead and two disk beads.
2) Thread seed beads and sequins alternatively onto the double strand of wire for about 16 in. (40 cm). Twist the wires together at the top for 2 and 1/2 in. (6 cm) and bend it into a loop. Twist the wire back around itself to secure it and trim the excess.
3) Bend the beaded wire around the handle of a wooden spoon to shape it into a coil. Carefully remove the handle leaving a spiral shape.
4) Place ornament hook on loop.

Ball Ornaments

A simple but nice little project to make your tree extra sparkly, they also make great presents for people!

What you need:

Plain glass ornament balls
Laser confetti
Ornament hooks
Small ribbon

1) Open up the tops of the ornaments.
2) Carefully pour the sequins inside.
3) Carefully replace top of the ornament back on.

Ribbon Candles

You don’t need real fire to make the seasons bright, you can do just that with an electric candle. All you need is some pretty ribbon to make it more festive.

What you need:

Electric candle
Tape or glue

1) Measure the circumference and cut a length of ribbon to fit allowing a 1/2 in. (1-cm) overlap.
2) Wrap the ribbon around the candle and glue or tape the overlapping ends securely.
3) Turn it on and enjoy!

Happy Crafting!