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Elgin and surrounding area’s upcoming Fall Events

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As the air grows colder, pumpkin spice flavored foods are at every corner, and costumes are crafted by both children and adults alike. If you love the fall season as much as the next horror fantatic, then you’re in luck. If you dare to read ahead, you’ll be enlightened with many of Elgin’s upcoming local and neighboring town events that fill the spooky month of October.

For some, family friendly is sometimes the way it has to be. Whether for the small child who clings to their parent’s leg or for adults who just can’t handle a single fright, here are two events that aren’t scary at all.

Goebbert’s Farm and Garden Center in South Barrington. Goebbert’s Farm has a seasonal festival that is held all through October. The festival contains a corn maze, a petting zoo, and cider treats among many other offerings. Goebbert’s Farm is seen as the ideal place for both children and young adults.

Scarecrow Fest in Saint Charles. The Scarecrow Fest is hosted on Oct. 6 through the 8th. The Scarecrow Fest is a charity festival filled with games, rides, and contests for everyone. The most popular contest being who can make the best scarecrow!

Some local events don’t particularly fall under the category of festive but still offer entertaining methods that the whole family can be involved with.

The Green Room Improv Group will be performing at the Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin on Oct. 6 beginning at 8 p.m. The Green Room Improv Group will hold a 90-minute show filled with comedy.

On Oct. 14 between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m, also at the Hemmens Cultural Center in Elgin. Theatre company, Life’s Issues presents an original stage play called “We the People”. “We the People” is an original stage play in which the stories of four different families weave together. A mother deals with the aftermath of her son’s death at the hands of a police officer, her daughter’s teacher struggles with how to teach a child who has gone through such trauma. Meanwhile, a newly wed couple is put to the test as the husband decides to run for office. While another family member struggle to find love in an untrustworthy world. Together, these snapshots of daily life work together to create a picture of what is happening in America today as it tackles topics of police brutality, politics, dating and how life moves on after loss.

Wondering where the horror is?

On Oct. 21, Elgin will be hosting their annual event, “Nightmare on Chicago Street.” Nightmare on Chicago Street offers citizens to survive a horde of zombies to get to the “safe zone”, where there will be a party of entertainment. This event is labeled as being “moderately scary”.

Throughout the months of October and November, the DOA Horror Escape Room will be hosted in Villa Park, IL. The DOA Horror Escape Room is an opportunity to partake in a simulation themed after the Valentine’s Day Massacre. An escape room is a puzzle room where an individual or group is trapped until they solve the puzzles that lead to some form of an exit. If interested in this psychologically terrifying experience, visit and schedule an escape.

Onward to the “very scary” haunted houses!

The Insanity Haunted House in Saint Charles, IL is fortunately on the cheaper end. General admission for the Insanity Haunted House is $15. The Insanity Haunted House will open its’ doors, Fridays through Sundays, at 7 p.m. throughout October.

The Midnight Terror Haunted House in Oak Lawn, IL is a two-part haunted house coated in a chunk of lore and backstory. The price of admission differs depending on the kind of experience wanted by participants. The Midnight Terror Haunted House is highly reviewed and is even handicap accessible. Caution: there will be a fog machine and strobe lights. The Midnight Terror Haunted House will be open, Thursdays through Sundays, at 7 p.m. throughout October and November.

If you would like to learn more about the events and attractions that will be open during this Autumn season, or what may be closer commute, go check out to view the full list.

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  1. Holly Danielson on September 16th, 2017 10:20 am

    Just to let you know the fall festival is not free at Goebbert’s – we charge for our activities. It is free to walk around, pick a pumpkin and shop, but if you want to do activities – you must pay to enter those.

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Elgin and surrounding area’s upcoming Fall Events