The Story of Dr. Katie Storey


Dr. Katie Storey

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

Mentor, friend, teacher, life of the party, and all around nice person: those are the words that have been used to describe former student life worker Dr. Katie Storey. Dr. Storey had recently left Elgin Community College for a job offer as an educational consultant in Schaumburg.

Dr. Storey was a former student at Elgin Community College where she was a member of Phi Theta Kappa and a Coca Cola Scholar. There, she met her husband Michael Storey. She is also very dedicated to charity, particularly Relay for Life. Relay for life, which usually goes on every summer, was canceled due to what Student Life has described as “unforeseen circumstances” when Dr. Storey left.

Dr. Storey was also very helpful when it came to essays for scholarships for Alumni Peter Chlebanowski, whom she also wrote a recommendation letter for.

“I thought it was nice of her to do a recommendation letter,” said Chlebanowski

Dr. Storey also helped with a lot of events, especially with College Programming Board’s first comedy show with the new team.

“She helped us a lot that night, because it was CPB’s new team first comedy show and it was a success thanks to her,” said CPB president Yvonne Tapia.

Dr. Storey was also known for her council and her sense of humor. She is described by fellow Student Life worker Adam Overman as a mentor that always had great advice and sense of humor.

“I remember one time when she found a random grading rubric and managed to confuse, but convince a good dozen people that their teacher dropped it off for them,” said Overman.

Dr. Storey also had a huge interest in the king of rock and roll, Elvis Presley. After talking about him, Chlebanowski then sang “Jailhouse Rock” during karaoke at a welcome week one year.

“We talked about our favorite singers, she mentioned Elvis, so I ended up singing jail house rock for her on the karaoke machine. She really enjoyed it,” said Chlebanowski.

While Dr. Storey has moved on to a new job, she has still left an impact on ECC students. Whether its helping with a scholarship, volunteering for events, or just giving advice to students, Dr. Storey has left behind a legacy, which is a lot of wisdom to be passed on in years to come.

“I have had the time of my student life and that’s the story,” Dr. Storey wrote on her last day at ECC.