Professors “advise” students outside the classroom

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

April 15, 2018

When English professor Lori Clark went to a Pride Talk at Elgin Community College in 2015 she met three students who were trying to restart Students Who Are Not Silent (SWANS) after it had been inactive. After Clark got to know...

What reasons led our professors to teach?

Valeria Mancera-Saavedra, Staff writer

April 15, 2018

Education: a vocation that is not for everyone, because teaching is more complex than it seems. Several factors influence the decision of becoming a teacher, things like economic income, social status, and the labor market....

Ensuring student success by hiring the best-qualified professionals

Luz Silva, Editor-in-Chief

April 15, 2018

When a company or institution has a shortage of staff, a few things happen. First, their open position is advertised, then applicants are selected, then those applicants are interviewed, and finally those in charge of the hiring...

ECC Professors on

Ian Havemann and Juan Castillo

April 15, 2018 is a platform that gives students a method to anonymously review and grade their teachers based on their performance and gives those teachers the ability to browse the feedback made by their students. The sit...

Performance of the one woman show

The Ellen Craft Story

April 4, 2018

How To Help Those With Special Needs With The Unexpected

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

March 25, 2018

Whenever there is a situation like a school shooting, we should all know what we have to do, we all need to baracade the classroom, stay silent, and wait for the police to arrive. That's what we should do, but what do we do when...

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