Charity Spotlight: Ronald McDonald House

Lisa Lillianstrom, Staff writer

April 18, 2017

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When a child is diagnosed with cancer or any kind of life threatening disease, it can take a toll on the family. Financially, a family may experience struggles, especially when the treatment is miles away from their home and involves...

ECC Gallery Features Fred Stonehouse’s Surreal Art

Maarty Metzelaar, Staff Writer

March 26, 2017

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The recent addition at our art gallery, done by Fred Stonehouse, has a striking quality that catches the eye, if not in a partially puzzled glare. Part of his recent art show “The Silent Singers”, Stonehouse’s display has a ha...

SWANS hosts Drag Race To Promote Upcoming Drag Show

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

March 26, 2017

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Balls were thrown  in the Jobe Lounge, students were running around in the shape of a figure 8, and there were many signs around the lounge promoting the upcoming Drag Show which will be hosted by SWANS. "Our Drag Race was...

Francesca T. Royster visits campus for Writer’s Center

Casey McCartin, Staff writer

March 13, 2017

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On the evening of March 9 a crowd of about 15-20 individuals gathered in the Building H of Elgin Community College in room H142 to attend a Writer's Center Reading Series event. The attendees consisted of ECC students, several...

“Avenue Q”: the Grown-Up ‘Sesame Street’

Brittany Raysby

February 28, 2017

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Broadway’s Tony award-winning musical, "Avenue Q", came to ECC this February with an unapologetic, but witty look at life after college. But with "Sesame Street"-like puppets.  With musical numbers like “Everyone’s a ...

The long line that is domestic violence

Vanessa Passo

February 27, 2017

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On average, nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by an intimate partner in the United States, per the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. A classmate, a friend, a sibling, a professor; any and all of...

A taste of Africa D.I.Y.

A taste of Africa D.I.Y.

February 13, 2017

Get in the holiday spirit with fun DIY projects

Lisa Lillianstrom, Staff writer

December 6, 2016

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It's the most wonderful time of the year, where trees are decorated, people are shopping for loved ones and tons of Christmas cookies are baked. It is also the most crafty time of the year, with tons of craft-makers selling their...

Giving Thanks With A Thankful Heart

Vanessa Passo, Staff Writer

November 15, 2016

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In the blink of an eye, November is already upon us. Christmas decorations hit the shelves even before the Thanksgiving turkey is served on dinner tables. For people like me, November stirs up a whirlwind of emotions; exciteme...

Have Fun With These DIY Thanksgiving Crafts

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff writer

November 15, 2016

Filed under Lifestyle

Thanksgiving is a time to spend with family, to give thanks, eat great food, watch parades and some football. However, sometimes it can be hard to get creative because it can be hard to get inspired, so here are some awesome (and...

Chill Out, Not Burnout

Brittany Raysby, Staff writer

November 13, 2016

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It's 3 a.m. and you are sitting on your floor with three finished coffees and you just cracked open a 5 hour energy shot. Your paper is due later that morning and you already regret your current life choices. Ready or not, finals...

ECC Celebrates Spirit Day To Stop Bullying

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff writer

October 31, 2016

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In a movement to end bullying of LGBT youth, Students Who Are Not Silent, SWANS, observed Spirit day, encouraging staff and students to take a pledge to "go purple" for the day. Spirit day is a national campaign in the LGBT...

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