ECC hires new wellness professionals



ECC’s new wellness professionals Premlata Nikonikun and Coresair Mack in their office.

Lukas Munoz, Staff Writer

If you had to wait several days or several weeks to speak to a wellness professional last semester at Elgin Community College, then that may not be the case anymore.

ECC and the wellness department has hired two new wellness professionals, essentially doubling the wellness professional staff, to assist with the current workload faced by the wellness department. 

The new wellness professionals, Premlata Nikonikun and Coresair Mack, combined have years of experience as therapists in a variety of settings. 

Here at ECC, Mack and Nikonikun both take the role of  therapist, providing several free sessions to students who seek help through the wellness department, and organizer, as they create and promote events for students, too. 

“Anxiety, depression and relationship issues are the most common mental health issues faced by students at ECC,” Nikonikun said. 

Students who experience these issues should have no fear of seeking help with the professionals at the wellness department. Nikonikun is well experienced with over 27 years of therapy experience in areas ranging from working in Cook county jail to settings at the University of Chicago.

Furthermore, Nikonikun is acclimated to the settings of a community college as she is a graduate of Tallahassee Community College. 

“Mental health issues and concerns don’t target any group in particular,” Nikonikun said.

Mack expressed similar sentiments.

“We all have issues we have to deal with,” Mack said.

There is a stigma surrounding seeking help from a professional, but “that doesn’t make you crazy,” Mack said. 

It may be the case to seek help and advice at times where personal issues and mental health worries creep into the awareness

“Seek out resources and don’t wait till you’re at the bottom of the barrel to seek help,” Mack said.

Here at ECC, Mack hopes to centralize the wellness department with other ECC departments such as student life to make the free wellness services more available to students.

“Take care of yourself.” Mack said. “It can not be all work. There has to be some play.”

Should students seek help the wellness services are located in Building B In room B 120. 

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