The first-place emergency poster designed by first-year graphic design student Rosa Isela Lopez.
ECC art students design new emergency posters
Kip Kane, Staff Writer • May 14, 2023

No matter where people are, emergencies are bound to occur. Thus, people in emergency situations need directions to guide their behavior to be...

A rainy, foggy day visiting Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Being afraid of heights was not fun while walking on the bridge.
Farewell, ECC
May 14, 2023

What are you doing this summer?


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While faith may be disappearing in the United States, 71% of college students identify as having a religious affiliation.
Faith in Focus: Exploring Religious Diversity on Campus
Eric D. Rangel, Vansh Patel, and Yesenia De La Torre May 13, 2023
Artist and curator Josh Selvig sits in his exhibit, Fountain of Thought during the opening of exhibitions Artists at Play and Voices in the E. Max Von Isser Gallery on Wednesday, May 3, 2023
Photos: Exhibitions "Artists at Play" and "Voices" opens in the E. Max Von Isser Gallery
Dominic Di Palermo , Editor-in-Chief • May 13, 2023
Co-Founder and Co-Executive Director of Side Street Studio Arts Tanner Melvin sits in front of an art piece and stares off into the distance at Side Street Studio Arts on May 9, 2023.
"Where Elgin Creates:" The uplifting aura of Side Street Studio Arts
Matt Brady, Photo Editor • May 12, 2023

Sitting parallel to South Spring Street in Downtown Elgin and next to Rediscover Records sits Side Street Studio Arts, an art organization that strives to be a safe haven for community members and aspiring...

A concert attendee sits on their phone while a band plays on stage, displaying what many consider poor etiquette.
"We're All on the Same Wavelength": Has the Local Music Scene Saved Concert Etiquette?
Jenna McKee, Staff Writer
Limits or liberty? TikToks new screen time cap
Limits or liberty? TikTok's new screen time cap
Vick Lukaszuk, Staff Writer
People dancing on top of tables at Roscoes Tavern in Chicago on Feb. 25, 2023.
What the "Boys" have to say about Boystown, Chicago's Gay Neighborhood
Cole Christensen, Staff Writer
Eager fans reach their hands out toward Holman while he plays an energetic solo at the bands album release party in Chicago on March 3, 2023.
"Too Many Damn Hippies On My Front Lawn"
Matt Brady, Photo Editor
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