A look into some “haunted” places in the Elgin area

Juan Castillo, Staff Writter

October 12, 2018

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Growing up in Elgin, there were many times when I would be riding my bike down a street, and I’d come upon this eerie and ominous looking building. As I rode past the building, my mind and imagination would begin to race. I’d star...

One of few women with a bar

Luz Silva, Editor-in-Chief

September 29, 2018

Filed under Lifestyle, Opinion

A couple of weeks ago, I was telling my parents a story of what happened when I went lifting with some Elgin police officers. As I’m telling the story, my dad begins laughing and interrupts to ask “why are you doing that?”...

My tips to academic success

My tips to academic success

September 14, 2018

Coming to terms with the reality of Facebook and user privacy

Juan Castillo, Staff Writer

April 29, 2018

Filed under Opinion

Terms of use and services are kind of a running joke to a lot of people nowadays. Everyone jokes about how long they are and about how no one ever actually reads them before hitting accept. Once someone hits accept, it's out o...

How To Help Those With Special Needs With The Unexpected

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

March 25, 2018

Filed under Human Interest, Opinion

Whenever there is a situation like a school shooting, we should all know what we have to do, we all need to baracade the classroom, stay silent, and wait for the police to arrive. That's what we should do, but what do we do when...

Tomb Raider, the 2018 film, did not honor it’s origin

Eli Anton, Staff Writer

March 25, 2018

Filed under Opinion, Reviews

The name Tomb Raider is a title recognized by many, with the video game series cherished as a childhood adventure game. At the time, nothing seemed wrong, but thinking back on the story, it is actually pretty dark. So with the rec...

Transcending Into History

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

March 11, 2018

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March is Women's History Month and is often a month where we recognize the accomplishments of women through history. However, there is a group of women that have been left out until very recently, and that group is transgender...

School shootings as an American problem: What can we do

Brandon Thomas, Managing Editor

March 11, 2018

Filed under Opinion

School shootings happen far too often in America. The epidemic of schools being shot up is a definite problem in society today and one that is rather unique to this country in particular. Every time a school shooting happens it...

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