Marvel’s Black Panther has positive response from ECC Community

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

Captain America Civil War is where the Black Panther made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since then he has become a popular character in the universe, and even got his own stand-alone movie, which came out on Feb. 16.

Recently in honor of Black History Month, Elgin Community College’s Black Student Achievers held a showing of the movie at Marcus Theaters. A couple of people went to the showing that night, and there were mostly positive reviews from the attendees. For ECC student Electa Gibbs it was more than just a regular superhero movie.

“It’s focused on the superhero aspects but it also focused on the empowerment of our Aboriginal indigenous culture,” Gibbs said. ” However, it did remind society that we as African American women are “Black queens” and no matter what the situation is we shall always be respected.”

Black Panther is noted for having a cast where the majority was black, with some of the actors coming from different parts of Africa, there was also some inspiration from real tribes.

“It showed different tribes of Wakonda but the tribes were all influenced by real African tribes, their wardrobe and different aspects of their culture were tied into the movie, plus the characters all had respect for their culture,” said ECC student Sam Candella.

Students also enjoyed the fact that women were treated as equal characters.

“I thought it gave great power to women without sexualizing them,” said Dest Aura, an ECC student.

While ECC Student Antonie Kigondu did enjoy the movie, there was one part of the movie that did bother him.

“I really got mad at this one particular plot in the story neat the end of the movie, it was an important philosophical issue, it should have been made to be more constructive hatred rather than just so hes evil, he has always been evil lets kill him,” said Kigondu on the important plot in the ending.

Kigondu also liked how they did cultural appropriation.

“They picked from different cultures, mentioned this culture, like this person with an extended lip, that is actually from one of the communities that I know, its good that they actually showed the culture, I know you can’t talk about all the cultures of Africa in one movie, but I liked what they did with it, and the positivity towards the movie,” Kigondu said.

Overall the movie received positive responses for not only the diversity, but also the fact that they researched what the tribes were like in Africa.

“I thought it showed a lot of respect for the American American community. They put a lot of research into different tribes,” said Candella.