HOME is old hat on campus


lance lagoni

H.O.M.E. visits the ECC Campus Jobe Lounge on Wednesday February 28 to spread their message of opposition to the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Brandon Thomas, Managing Editor

A man sits at a table explaining the immorality of homosexuality. The literature he passes out has the “real” effects of homosexuality printed all over it.

Human detours stride up and down the halls, have stands set up, deterring people from listening to the men and saying the men should not have an audience.

Elgin Community College students and faculty enter a debate with these men, shout at them, discuss with them, ridicule them, ignore them, and all the like.

That was the scene on Feb. 28 when H.O.M.E, Heterosexuals Organized for a Moral Environment, set up shop in ECC’s building B hallway. The group’s two representatives sat at the table from around 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m, with a table full of pamphlets and handouts, and espoused their viewpoint, that homosexuality is essentially immoral, to anyone who would listen.

ECC student Elizabeth Schmidt attempted to draw students away from the table.

“What we’re doing today is we’re doing a counter protest so we are asking people not even to give them the foot traffic, just so we keep them in a healthy head space,” said Schmidt. “It’s telling me that my existence is wrong, it’s telling my friends that their existence is wrong, but, the steps to get them off our campus is to try and not engage with them.”

The group continued on with their discussions, talking to a number of students who gathered around their table. When asked whether or not their group was anti-gay, representative Wayne Lela said, “We’re not anti-gay, we’re pro-heterosexual.”

The groups two representatives, John Mccartney and Wayne Lela travel with H.O.M.E to colleges in Illinois to spread their ideas on homosexuality. H.O.M.E was on ECC’s campus last year as well, and their ideas have not changed.