Chicagoland band gathers following across suburbs and beyond

Mackenzie Wallace, Staff writer

Seventh Heaven is a Chicago band local to the area. They were formed in 1985 by current members Richard Hofherr, Michael Mooshey and Tony Di Giulio. The additional three current band members are lead singer Adam Heisler, guitarist Nick Cox and bassistMark Kennetz.

Each has a unique personality that appeals to audiences when performing in concerts. Heisler engages the audience through his exceptional voice and his announcements and banter with the crowd as the lead singer. 

Guitarist Richie Hofherr tosses used pics to the crowd throughout the performance. He often points out the intended recipients before he lets the pic sail through the air. The drummer, Michael Mooshey, is tucked back on the stage. Even though his abilities are individually featured several times throughout the concert. 

Nick Cox gives the aura of being the boss, he is in charge of how the concert is progressing and leading slight changes as the situation may require. He reaches very high notes for his contribution to specific songs. 

My favorite band member is Mark Kennetz. He is talented in multiple string instruments including bass, guitar and ukulele. He rides his long, low motorcycle to the summer events adding to his persona as the “cool” guy. His rapping skills are exceptional. Followers of 7th Heaven cheer when songs begin that will include Kennetz’ rap skills.

7th heaven is an experience you just have to see and hear. I was five years old for my first high-energy 7th Heaven Concert. They appeal to people of all ages. 

The group plays many Chicagoland local events, especially in the summer. I have seen them in downtown St. Charles, at the Kane County Fair, at two different Geneva locations, in a park in South Elgin, and in Batavia. I have seen then in some of those locations many times, including enjoying three 7th Heaven concerts this past summer.

In addition to municipal events, geared toward families, 7th Heaven is also available for private parties.

7th heaven has played over 250 shows annually for three decades, with an average of 100 outdoor events. There were times I enjoyed a concert in the afternoon, during which the lead singer would share that they had an evening event, and a late-night private party to play that same day.

According to their web site, they say, “We’ve seen a million faces and rocked them all!”

A highlight of each live show is their famous “30 Songs in 30 Minutes,” a medley of songs from the ’70s and ’80s. More recently, the mix is accompanied by related videos in the background of the stage.

Beyond their smaller local shows, 7th Heaven is the guest band on a Caribbean cruise every January. They also played Soldier Field in front of 80,000 fans as the opening act for Bon Jovi.

7th Heaven songs have charted #1 on the Midwest Billboard Charts three times in the past three years. 

They have had six major radio hit songs with “Beautiful Life,” “Time Of Our Lives,” “Stoplight,” “This Is Where The Party’s At,” “Better This Way,” and “Sing”. To date, they have written and recorded over 5,000 songs. Their songs have been heard on television shows such as Teen Mom 2 and they also created music for commercials for various companies including Empress Casinos and Walter E. Smithe furniture stores.

Zander West, of Elgin, has seen approximately 20 different 7th heaven performances. His favorite song is Stoplight and his favorite band member is Mark Kennetz with his cool facade of playing with no shoes and excelling at his rap sections of the concerts. West said that he just enjoys the casual, comfortable feel of attending 7th Heaven concerts. 

John Heck of St. Charles has also seen 7th Heaven perform nearly 20 times. He initially stumbled upon them when they played a small outdoor venue along Riverside Avenue one summer evening about 2006. He was impressed by their exuberance and ability to engage with the audience. He loves their 30 songs in 30 minutes specialty. When he first saw 7th Heaven, Keith Semple was the lead singer, whom he favors over current lead singer Heisler, although he enjoys the unique abilities of Heisler too.