Meeting the staff of the Observer

Bryan Zbojna, Staff Writer

Another semester means a new semester of news brought to you by the Elgin Community College newspaper, the Observer. 

The new semester also sees the Observer newsroom filled with both new and familiar students, all there for the purpose of sharing news. 

Although every staff member has the same responsibilities of writing articles, some members chose to take on extra duties.

“I wanted the leadership experience so I was excited to take on the role,” said Observer editor-in-chief Camryn Cutinello. 

As editor-in-chief, Cutinello has extra responsibilities, including editing stories for content, style, and grammar, coordinating the layout process with the graphic designers and ensuring that the production of the paper in completed on time to make sure the paper is printed on time.

Returning member Allison Formeller also starts her new role as managing editor this semester. Like Cutinello, Formeller also has extra duties, including working with the editor-in-chief to make policy and editorial decisions, maintaining lists of all story assignments and extensions and working with fellow reporters to improve their stories.

I’ve had a lot of experience writing articles, and doing everything that comes with that,” Formeller said. “So, I wanted to become Managing Editor to, first of all, learn a new position, but to also be better able to help my staff members learn how to be better journalists.”

Outside of the newsroom, the Observer staff keep themselves busy with their various hobbies and interests.  

Lance Lagoni, a returning member of the Observer staff enjoys photography and working on his various collections, which include Elgin wristwatches. He is part of the Chicago Area Camera Club Association, the Chicago Art Deco Society, The Nikon and Leica Historical Societies and the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors. 

Various Observer staff members also share a common interest in playing music. These staff members include Mark Brown, Evan Kuhn, Lukas Munoz and Mikayla Tate.

Evan Kuhn, a first semester Observer staff member and art student enjoys drawing and playing music. Kuhn was inspired to join the Observer because he believes it is a good way to get involved with the ECC community as well as the community of Elgin.

Another first-time Observer staff member, Lukas Munoz enjoys playing the blues and rock, inspired by his favorite music artist Bruce Springsteen. Other than playing music, Munoz enjoys reading books and watching The Office, his favorite TV show. 

Mikayla Tate, another first semester Observer staff member, enjoys playing anything that gets stuck in her head. As an artist, Tate was interested in joining the Observer because she loves anything that involves creativity. She also looks forward to the challenge of trying something she hasn’t done before. 

Mark Brown, yet another first term Observer staff member enjoys playing the drums and playing for the ECC men’s tennis team. The Observer interested Brown as he enjoys writing and wanted some experience in the journalism field before he left ECC. 

Sharing the same interest in both sports and journalism, Wes Sanderson joined the Observer to gain experience in the journalism field before he transfers to continue to work towards his Bachelor in Journalism. Sanderson loves golf and keeping up with pop culture, following his favorite show, The Bachelor. 

Interested in the concept of media, returning staff member Hadley Corbett enjoys being part of the Observer because she believes that media and journalism keeps people accountable for their actions. Outside of the newsroom, Corbett enjoys cooking and watching her favorite TV show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. 

A third semester Observer staff member, Breyana Perry enjoys listening to new music and reading some of her poetry books. Perry also had experience before joining the Observer, taking a journalism class in high school. Unfortunately, Perry had to stop taking the class due to it not fitting in her schedule. When she arrived at ECC, she wanted to try journalism again and joined the Observer. 

Although, the student staff members of the Observer differ in terms of their hobbies and interests, it’s safe to say that every member is excited to bring the ECC community the informative and important news it deserves.