Zombie’s Takeover Elgin

Will Stringfellow, Staff Writer

The zombie plague has always been a big concern for the people of the world but worry not, there has been an area set up for the safety of everyone called Nightmare on Chicago Street. The annual event is back this year with plenty of frights and fun for all. Gates open at 6 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 22 from Spring Street, Douglas Avenue, Grove Avenue and Fulton Street and stay open until 11 p.m.

There are three stages playing live music. Kicking off at “Dead” stage 1 is a local band, Home Burial, that has not only Elgin Community College alumni, but also students that graduated from some of the high schools around ECC. Home Burial was also the 2016 Side Street Studio Arts Battle of the Bands winner. “Dead” stage 2 opens up with DJ Cold who will also have sets on the same stage later in the night; “Dead” stage 3 starts with another local band, The Doors of Chicago.

“It feels really great to have been made part of something that Elgin holds on such a high pedestal. We are excited to play in front of literally thousands of people who have never heard of us, and haven’t heard modern punk music,” said Peter Brankovic, lead singer of Home Burial. “I think with the covers we’ll be recording as well as our original songs, Elgin will get a taste of what the underground scene looks like.”

All throughout the night there will be a graffiti art show going on, as well as some other events throughout including some Zombie Rights Marches and protesters fighting for Zombie Rights.

There will be food, drinks, food vendors and other vendors scattered throughout the event space. The exact vendors are not listed but with the rising popularity of Elgin’s food truck scene it is possible some will make an appearance. A ticket is required to get into the Safe Zone. They can be purchased either on the website for $17 or at the gate. Guests can also purchase VIP parking for an additional $20; this does not include entrance into the event. Nightmare on Chicago Street is also a 17-years-old and older event; all minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Tickets are not eligible for discounted bundles.

The main attraction this year will be a chance to meet Svengoolie! He hosted the costume contest in the past and this year he will be back for a meet and greet and also signing autographs. There are no confirmations on whether or not he will be hosting an event again this year.

The proceeds of the event also go to helping some of the local organizations like the Boys and Girls Club of Elgin, which help provide after-school activities for young people in the Elgin area, and the Elgin Community College Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization, which focuses on brick and mortar to e-commerce.