USAC Celebrates German Culture With Oktoberfest


Lisa Lilianstrom

Frank K and Company perform at Oktoberfest

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff writer

Oktoberfest is a traditional celebration in Germany and on October 24 United Students of All Cultures, USAC, brought that culture to the Jobe Lounge at Elgin Community College.

The event consisted of music by the German band Frank K and Company. The band played many songs and even went into the audience and interacted with the students.

“I loved that the singer went into the audience and interacted with the students, I could tell that they enjoyed themselves,” said USAC Treasurer Alana McKirahan.

There was also some pumpkins that could be painted, and the Jobe lounge was decorated with German colors; a banner decorated in red, yellow and black, with the word Oktoberfest across it. The entrance to the lounge also resembled a drawbridge. There was also blue and white flags with dragons on them. USAC has been known for their decorations for their events and it seems that this year was no different. After USAC Information Officer Eloisa Basillo joined, she wanted to help out.

“I remember when they did St Patrick’s Day last year, and I was impressed with the teamwork and creativeness that went into making these decorations,” said Basillo.

The highlight of the event was Auntie Anne’s pretzels being sold, they turned out to be popular among the attendees. Pretzels are made often in Germany and have been a part of German baking traditions for centuries. They are most popular in Munich, Germany, where they are known to have Oktoberfest celebrations.

Some of the students enjoyed learning why Oktoberfest is celebrated in the first place.

“While I don’t know too much about how it was celebrated back in the day, it was amazing to see all of the amusement and the fun that people have,” said USAC Secretary Kamie Peterson.

USAC hopes that in the future Oktoberfest keeps on growing and getting better.

“I hope to see more people join in because it is a fun tradition that is very surprising and enjoyable,” said Basillo.