ECC student takes on Lucas Oil Stadium

Joey LeMaster, staff editor

A pool Jason Rodman worked on this summer. (Joey LeMaster)

Jason Rodman is a freshman at Elgin Community College that enjoys watching sports, cracking jokes, and working within a specialized trade.

For three years Rodman has worked for AAA Pools and Spas . A company that installs pools into backyards. At his job he tiles pools and maintains the proper chemicals. Rodman works with his father, Andy Rodman who  is the current owner of AAA Pools and Spas.

“It started with my dad working for a pool company when he moved to Illinois,” Rodman said. “He worked there for many years and when the owner died my father bought most of the supplies at the auction. He already had a good relationship with the customers so that made it easy. One spring my dad asked me for help because one of his employees was sick that day. Ever since then I have helped my dad every summer.”

Their business led them to a pool convention at Lucas Oil Stadium. Lucas Oil Stadium is one of the most well known stadiums in the NFL. This convention helps distributors meet the buyers of their products. The whole goal of the convention is for pool companies to build a relationship with distributers and to help the buyers understand their product.

“This year was my first year at the event, although the company I work for has been attending since it started many years ago,” Rodman stated. “My boss explained how this year was less active because of COVID.” 

Although Lucas Oil wasn’t as active this year as it normally was, Rodman not only gained experience that helps with the company, he gained experience that helps him in the classroom. 

“This job and experience overall has taught me how to manage my time better when on my own schedule,” said Rodman. 

Rodman will look to have a successful second semester and an even more successful year at AAA Pools and Spas.