Car accidents on campus: ECC Chief of Police explains what to do if you’re involved in an accident

Hannah Soukup, Staff Writer

Throughout the 12 parking lots on the Elgin Community College campus, ECC police work tirelessly to keep campus attendees safe and tend to any on-campus catastrophes that may occur. 

ECC Chief-of-Police, David Kintz, has been with the ECC police force for four and a half years, and works alongside 15 other ECC officers.

He provides students with advice regarding how to react in an accident, and how to prevent them. Nearly 60 on-campus accidents occur every year, and the police want to do what they can to make the process as simple and understandable as possible. 

“When you’re backing up, look every way,” Kintz said. “In crosswalks, yield to students. During the winter, be mindful of the lines within the parking lots, and proceed slowly throughout the campus.” 

Kintz reported that most accidents occur in the winter as driving over ice is a tough task to overcome, especially for young drivers. He explained that the Building B, E, and F parking lots are the most susceptible to car accidents, which may be a result of their large sizes. 

“If you get into an accident, just call.” Kintz said. 

Kintz explained that ECC police would much rather deal with an accounted accident than with a hit-and-run. If a hit-and-run does occur, there are upgraded cameras in place to make sure it’s dealt with properly. 

“There are 16 of us on campus, and we’re here to help,” Kintz said. “We are here 7 days a week from 7 in the morning to 11 at night!” 

Whether it be students locking their keys in their car or potentially dangerous accidents, ECC police is there to help. While they do write citations, they focus on assisting students around campus and supporting in emergency situations. 

Marella Lawas, 17, a dual-credit student involved in a car accident in the F lot of ECC, recounts her experience with ECC police during the Spring semester of 2021. 

“The ECC police were fair and calm, and it took less than a week to get the crash report,” Lawas said.  

When a collision occurs, the ECC police department provides electronic crash reports to ease the stress of faxing the report to an online insurance company. 

Lawas recalls that the officer was very understanding of the situation, and quickly arrived after being contacted.

“This event made me a more cautious driver, even though I wasn’t at fault,” Lawas said. “I now drive slower in the ECC parking lots.”

ECC police are always there for students to reach out to when they need help on campus. From directions to a an accident report, they are there to help. 

“The ECC police handled my situation perfectly, and they have nothing that needs improvement,” Lawas said.