Get your “spooky” on with these cute Halloween crafts

Lisa Lilianstrom, Staff Writer

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BOO! Happy Halloween everyone, its time to put on your best costumes, and go out trick or treating, or go to a haunted house, or go to a party, or do whatever you want. Well whatever you do here is some fun simple crafts you can do to help get the spooky season started.

No Mess Pumpkin Decorating

Mummy Pumpkin

Supplies Needed:

Fake or real pumpkin
Wiggle eyes
Adhesive foam

1) Attach wiggle eyes and mouth
2)Attach adhesive foam dot on back of pumpkin
3) Attach gauze to adhesive dot
4) Wrap gauze going upward around pumpkin
5) Secure gauze in front with remaining adhesive dots
6) Finish wrapping gauze and tuck remaining gauze in to secure

All of these items came from the Dollar Tree!

Foam Pumpkins

All of these sets also come from the Dollar Tree you can make four pumpkins in this set, shown in the photo is an example of one of the pumpkins.

Its pretty simple just follow the pattern on the package or you can get creative and make your own unique creature.

Halloween Wine Glass Candle Holders

For those who want a little more of a challenge there are these wine glass candle holders that you can make as well, turn off the lights bring out the candles

Items needed

Wine glass
Additional decorations (optional)

Frankenstein Wine Glass

1) Paint one coat of black paint on the bottom and the stem of the wine glass, wait for it to dry
2) Paint a second coat of black paint.
3) Paint a coat of green paint on the top of the wine glass let them dry
4) Once dry paint a second coat of green paint
5) Paint the eyes, nose, and mouth on the face
6) Paint the scars on the face
7) Put the bolts (adhesive tape and felt circles) on the sides

You can also make a mummy which just needs 2 coats of white paint and some paper towels.

Day of The Dead Masks

Of course we got to talk about Day of The Dead, I bought these quick little masks at Michaels on sale so you can either follow the patterns on these masks or you can get creative and mix it up!