Political science professor attends first day of class even though he’s on unpaid leave

Juan Castillo, Social Media Manager

Courtesy of Ismael Cordova
Ramirez speaking to his students on the first day of class while holding his three-month-old baby.

Professor Antonio Ramirez was present for the first day of his POS 151 American Government class just like every other professor on campus. The only difference being that Ramirez is currently on unpaid leave.

Student body president Ismael Cordova was one of the many students in attendance that day.

This is my political science professor, Professor Antonio Ramirez, who came in during his unpaid leave with his three-month-old baby to make sure we had a good first day,” Cordova wrote on a Facebook post about the experience.

The post received over 300 likes and was shared numerous times by former students of Ramirez and others who admired his dedication to his students.

“A great man and an amazing professor,” commented Jamal Abu-Gheida on the post.

Ramirez was not available for comment. He is said to be returning to campus sometime mid-August.