Through the viewfinder: Hear from our photographers

Vansh Patel, Staff Photographer

A rose in full blossom near Building B. (Vansh Patel)

My first experience as a photojournalist has been a rollercoaster of emotions. I never really looked at photography in this way where I am taking pictures that tell a story. Now the rollercoaster isn’t going up and down crazily, it’s just been a process to adapt to. This is my first time looking through the lens with a new mindset geared towards taking pictures that shows a story or a moment in time, and I hope to learn more and expand my reach to other fields of photography as well. This is why this picture is my favorite this week. I took the time to really focus on bringing out the beauty and color of the flower. I hope to really dive deeper in photography and take some awesome pictures of amazing opportunities.