Spartans Defeat City College of Chicago

Dana Vollmer, Staff Writer

The Spartans’ women’s basketball team crushed the City College of Chicago Bulldogs 78-33 on Nov. 19, tipping the Spartans’ previous 2-2 season record in their favor.

Spartans’ Clarissa Ramos dominated the first quarter, scoring the first five shots for the home team. Paris Jones was City College’s sole responder, bringing the score to 10-2 after six minutes of play.

The Bulldogs remained idle through seven more Spartans’ scores by Tricia Dumoulin, Becky Dumoulin and Clarissa Ramos. A three-pointer by City College’s Bryanne Jordan lifted the score to 25-5, but the Spartans quickly countered with a corner shot by Becky Dumoulin and a three-pointer from Ramos on the subsequent possession.

City College caught a high wind towards the end of the first half after five more unanswered Spartans’ baskets.

Bulldog’s Bryanne Jordan landed her second three-pointer with teammate Paris Jones soon following suit. The scoreboard read 42-17 in favor of the Spartans at the end of the first half following a bout of back-and-forth layups.

Spartans’ powerplayers Clarissa Ramos, Tricia Dumoulin and Becky Dumoulin maintained their momentum going into the second half, securing the first four shots of the third quarter. Bulldogs’ Paris Jones and Lisa McGruder intermittently put up lay-ups and freethrows, struggling to keep their team in the competition. The score climbed to 64-28 by the end of the third quarter.

Spartans’ Addy McMahon broke the ice in the final quarter with a lay-up on the first possession. After two minutes of stale play, Spartans’ Becky Dumoulin shot another three-pointer. Paris Jones was the only Bulldogs’ scorer in the fourth, putting up the final 5 points for her team. Bulldogs’ head coach Jessica Harris attributed the loss to her team’s wavering momentum. According to Harris, the team started out strong but failed to maintain that intensity towards the end of the game.

“We didn’t play together today,” said Harris. “They played hard towards the end, but we need to play together in both halves, not just one half. We lost it for ourselves.”

Harris acknowledged that the Spartans are a strong team, but said that her team is “just as good.” Spartans’ forward

Addy McMahon said her team’s key to victory was working together to keep each other positive.

“I think we did a really good job of playing team basketball,” said McMahon. “We haven’t played for 10 to 12 days. This was just a really good wake up call.”

According to McMahon, Spartans’ head coach Jerry McLaughlin told his players that the Bulldogs “play a little sloppy.” McMahon said that the Spartans strove to play a clean game and “not stoop down to their level.” Spartans’ guard Tricia Dumoulin said her team sought to use the Bulldog’s mistakes to their advantage and “not allow their mistakes to turn into mistakes we’re going to make.”

“We looked for fast breaking and got easy lay ups off of it,” Dumoulin said.