ECC police officer on administrative leave after video circulates

Camryn Cutinello, Staff Writer

A video of an Elgin Community College police officer spread rapidly after an incident took place on Feb. 26, 2019. The video is taken selfie-style, showing two boys being escorted out of the building by campus police. In the video, the officer appears to be shoving the two boys out of the building.

The mother of the two boys says her older son, who is 14, was grabbed by the back of the neck and shoved into a wall, busting his lip, according to the Daily Herald. Her 13-year-old came out of the bathroom and heard yelling, then was also grabbed and led out of the building. She also said that before the video was recorded, her son’s shoe came off, and the police officer kicked it down the stairs while making “vulgar comments.”

The officer involved was placed on administrative leave, and the incident is currently being investigated.

In a statement posted to the ECC Facebook page, Chief David Kintz explained the situation.

“On Tuesday, February 26, Elgin Community College police officers responded to the walking track area of campus following reports that several teens were climbing on the closed bleachers and using the gymnasium without authorization,” Kintz said in the statement. “The responding officers determined that the best course of action, in this case, was to escort the teens off campus. During this process, one of the officers reportedly responded in a manner that is inconsistent with the values of Elgin Community College.”

He continues by explaining that action is being taken by the school.

“As chief, I hold our officers to a higher standard; it is my responsibility to ensure the actions of our officers are always consistent with the values here at ECC,” Kintz said. “The officer involved has been placed on paid administrative leave while we conduct a thorough investigation. Additionally, we have notified the Kane County State’s Attorney’s office.”

He then requested that if anyone had any questions or concerns, they should talk to him about them. He continues by saying that the family involved has been contacted. He finishes the message with one final statement.

“It is only by being made aware of situations that we can take the necessary steps,” Kintz said. “It is my pledge and my duty to keep Elgin Community College a safe space for everyone.”

The situation was covered by the Daily Herald, The Chicago Tribune and NBC Chicago.

For 19-year-old Elgin native Danielle Butkevich, this situation came as a surprise.

“I used to go to ECC with my friends,” said Butkevich. “I never would’ve expected this kind of thing to happen there.”

The investigation is ongoing, and the officer will remain on paid leave until the investigation is over.