ECC workers work on display in “Work”


Art by Eddwin Meyers drawing and painting and professional artist.

Lukas Munoz, Staff Writer

It is not just student work that is displayed at Elgin Community College. Right now at the E. Max Von Isser Gallery of Art, in building H, artwork by ECC faculty and staff is on display in an exhibition aptly titled “Work”.

Currently, there are 59 pieces of art from 25 different members of faculty and staff.

Juan Fernandez, the gallery curator for ECC, created a show that flows together from the pieces of various studios of ECC faculty and staff. This can prove difficult as works in the exhibit range from a painting made from salt and rain to 3D printing.

Fernandez is also in charge of curating outside shows from regional and national artists for exhibits and adding to ECC’s 300+ art collection. However, for this show, he decided to compile work from inside the school.

Through this exhibit, art and livelihood are explored. Art is viewed from the lens of a builder laboring to assemble the frame of a house.

“There is a correlation between art and work,” Fernandez said. “Many people view making art as a hobby. But for many people making art is their actual work.” 

As an artist of any medium could attest to, creating something is a long process of trial and error.

“We tend to make a lot of bad stuff,” Fernandez said. “It’s actually a lot of work to make something that is good,” 

By displaying the work of faculty and staff at ECC, students can see what years of artistic growth and academic examination of art in a visual medium can lead to. 

“Work” will close on Feb. 28. Yet, the next exhibit in the E. Max Von Isser Gallery is projected to open in April of this year. Students can also expect a mural coming to building B from the art department.