Observer wins national honor for newsletter

Observer staff

The Observer staff won first place for its digital newsletter at the 2023 ACP Spring College National Media Conference on March 11 in San Francisco. The Best of Show award was in the digital newsletter for two year schools category.

The Observer’s newsletter– which is branded Observer News– is emailed to the subscriber list six times per semester, and features stories and photo galleries that are published on the Observer’s website. This is believed to be the first time the Observer has won a national award as a staff.

The Observer also snagged 8th place Best of Show in the best website for two year schools category. (At the last national college media conference in October, the Observer also placed 8th in the best website category.)

Several Observer staff members were on hand to accept the awards.

“This has been a very special six months for the Observer,” said Nick Obradovich, Observer adviser. “We build the newsletter from scratch in the midst of the pandemic in 2021, and many staff members past and present have worked diligently to improve our product. Saying I am proud of the current staff is a gross understatement. They earned these recognitions, and I am lucky to work with this amazing staff.”

The Observer News is sent to all ECC students. Faculty and staff can sign up for the newsletter here.