Women’s Volleyball gets canceled but Lady Spartans continue to put in work

Luz Silva, Managing Editor

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Within the first two weeks of school, there was a decision to be made by 2nd year Head Coach, Nathaniel Rohrsen. As the Lady Spartans’ first game approached they realized that with a team of six, every game would be a challenge as they would have no substitutes.

The team’s first game was scheduled to be on Aug. 23. It became apparent to Rohrsen that he needed to consider canceling this season as the first game approached, ultimately making his decision.

There were many factors that led to the cancellation. One being that with a total of six girls was not enough to play. The team consisted of two returning and four new players. Many claim that recruitment takes responsibility for the lack of players as there is no financial incentive available.

The decision to call of the season may seem as if it came easy, but Rohrsen took much into consideration to come to the conclusion.

Rohrsen states that the decision came down to considering the safety of the players. Any possible injuries would mean for themselves and other teams in terms of forfeiture, and the returning ladies’ eligibility.

Before his final decision was made, Rohrsen discussed it with Athletic Director Kent Payne and even asked the current players. The team unanimously agreed with his decision.

Rohrsen hopes that next year it will be a different situation.

“I’m actually already working on the recruiting process, which is a luxury I didn’t have last year,” Rohrsen said.

His goal is to be able to “find strong candidates that would be one, a good fit for us as a school and as a program but two, also candidates that it would be beneficial for them to participate with us because ultimately we’re here to help students succeed,” Rohrsen said.

The team continues to have practice and train in preparation for next year’s season.

“I just really like volleyball, I like making new friendships and being around people that have the same passion,” said Jennifer Gonzalez, a first-year student.

Others agree, “I also like to get better and for when next season comes around if we have new players and new girls that we can have a team and not just start from scratch,” said Krystal Figueroa, also a first-year student.

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Women’s Volleyball gets canceled but Lady Spartans continue to put in work