ECC Men’s soccer ends regular season and head into playoffs confident


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Oscar Chavez attempts to get past Waubonsee Community College's defense on Oct. 11

Luz Silva, Editor-in-Chief

Elgin Community College’s men’s soccer team has defied all odds this season by ending their regular season number two in the Region 4 Division III standings with a record of 11-7-1.

The Spartans had a strong start to their season back in August as they beat their first opponent, Rock Valley College 2-1 and went on a four-game winning streak. Winning would become a typical feat as the team worked hard to be at the top of the Division III standings. The Spartans’ team is predominantly first-year players and Head Coach Sal Acevedo gave his insight on what has led to the outcome they’ve had.

“Guys that are really passionate about what they’re doing I think that has been a big catalyst for our success,” Acevedo said.

The team and coaching staff have had to work hard to overcome previous obstacles, and one of them was recruiting the right people who would be willing to put in the work; it seems that they have found just that. The Spartans have not allowed setbacks to prevent them from attaining success.

“We went down a bunch of times by even three goals, and we’ve come back to win it,” said Charles Piazza, a first-year student. “So I think believing and persevering through all the struggles really helped us.”

During their game at Harper College on Oct. 6, the Spartans were down 1-0 at halftime and came back to win the game 2-1 in overtime. They knew going into the game that the number one spot in the Division III standings would be theirs if they beat Harper.

“We went into that overtime with the right mindset,” said co-captain, Sam Epperly.

On Tuesday, Oct. 9 the Spartans were down 3-1 at halftime against Waubonsee Community College. By the end of the second half, they were 3-3 and were forced to go into double overtime and lost 4-3.

To end their regular season the Spartans faced Oakton Community College at home on Thursday, Oct. 11 but were unable to stay with the Division I team and lost 4-1.

Last year’s team was unable to win a single game and finished last in the division.

“Compared to last year it’s been a whole new game,” said Eder Barajas, co-captain of the team. “There’s more communication, and there’s more love between each other. We’re all trying to reach a goal, we’re all on the same page.”

This team has surpassed their own hopes and expectations this season and have proven their determination. As the post-season begins the Spartans are scheduled to face Rock Valley College on Saturday, Oct. 13 for the Region 4 quarter-finals.

“We definitely expect to win the first round of playoffs, the quarter-finals and then take it game by game, practice by practice,” Acevedo said.