The Room, the “best of bad movies”

Joseph Watychowicz, Staff Writer

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The Room is a fascinating work of art. By many critics and viewers alike, it is considered the Citizen Kane of bad movies. This phrase can be quite confusing… How can there possibly be a “best bad movie?” It all comes down to the entertainment and emotional value that you receive out of what you’ve watched. The Room more than exceeds in both categories by tantalizing viewers consistently with complete awe and confusion. So much so, that it has received one of the most popular and consistently growing cult fan bases to ever exist. This movie is much more than just a baffling film, as it alternatively offers us an immensely rare glimpse into a truly unique individual. Tommy Wiseau was the director, producer, writer, and lead actor of the film. Tommy is the main reason the entirety of the film exists. Every word spoken, every environment and camera frame selected was one-hundred percent controlled by Wiseau. He is a highly persistent and inspired person with no limits to what he can accomplish. Being a movie star has always been his most essential lifelong dream. Due to his success in creating multiple businesses with a very positive turnout, he eventually gathered enough money to fund and create a feature Hollywood film starring himself.  

Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) taunts Mark (Greg Sestero) by making very loud chicken sounds

The Room is about emotions, friendships, love, and betrayal. The main character, Johnny, (Played by Tommy Wiseau) loves his soon to be wife, Lisa, (Julia Danielle), as well as the many friends he obtains. The story begins at the biggest turning point of Johnny’s life when his fiancee decides to cheat on him with his best friend Mark. (Greg Sestero) He starts to experience the worst of humanity, making him fall into an unavoidable amount of stress, depression, extreme mood swings, and fascination with tossing footballs. While this may sound like a tragic story, you will find yourself laughing at even the most serious and dramatic of moments. “Leave your stupid comments in your pocket” and “You betrayed me! You’re not good. You, you’re just a chicken. Chip-chip-chip cheep-cheep.” These are just two of the many lines spoken that have a complete dissociation with the way humans normally speak English. This trend of dialogue follows through the entirety of the film. Every character does something abnormally strange at some point, completely unrelated and irrelevant to the rest of the story. For example, Mark is talking to his friend Peter on a rooftop. Peter notices that something is bothering Mark, so he nicely asks him what’s wrong. Mark explains how he did something wrong that he can’t come to terms with. Peter mentions that he knows about the affair with Lisa, which leads Mark to push him onto the edge of the roof, almost killing him. This attempted murder is never mentioned again, even when both characters are later in the same room together.

Mark (Greg Sestero) loses his temper at Peter (Kyle Vogt), which leads to an attempted murder. Later on in the film, they both forget this ever happened.

The experience of The Room all comes down seeing it for yourself. You may be confused, transfixed, laughing, or even horrified while watching the film. One feeling you won’t receive is boredom, as there is a never-ending cycle of emotions that will keep your mind from wandering into your daily troubles. After having viewed The Room, I highly recommend reading or listening to the book, “The Disaster Artist.” This was written and narrated by the deuteragonist in the film, Greg Sestero. Greg explains how his brotherly relationship came to be with Tommy and what happened before, during and after The Room’s creation. The behind the scenes stories he narrates are just as captivating as the film itself.

A major movie adaption of “The Disaster Artist” has been directed by James Franco and will be coming out on Dec. 1. The full backstory of this film’s strange existence will finally come to its biggest stage light yet, inside the majority of movie theaters throughout the entire world. Tommy Wiseau has achieved his ultimate dream to become a true and passionate movie star.

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The Room, the “best of bad movies”