Atypical, a different kind of show

Luz Silva, Managing Editor

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Atypical is a humorous and captivating show following Sam Gardner, an autistic 18-year old, who has decided to begin dating. His mother discouraged it because of the challenges that Sam would have to face and overcome if he began dating.

Sam is a high school senior who knows other kids think he is weird. He is obsessed with Antarctica and penguins and in this way, he understands just how much more complicated mating is for humans than it is in nature. Both things are significant and important to him. In the first episode, while describing Antarctica he says, “You wouldn’t think it was a desert when you looked at it. That’s why I like it. It’s not what it looks like.”

The show is not only about Sam but it also highlights how the rest of the family is affected by him beginning to date and being on the autistic spectrum. As he begins to search for a girlfriend, his younger sister Casey also begins to date forcing their parents, Elsa and Doug, to take a step back.

Sam realizes he has romantic feelings for his therapist. Realizing he first needs experience, Sam decides to get a “practice girlfriend” who ends up being Paige. Sam’s feelings for Julia lead to some actions that have a domino effect on those around him.

In the last episode, we see Sam and Casey’s life finally pulling together meanwhile their parent’s relationship faces uncertainty.

This show was truly moving and broadens one’s perspective. A second season was confirmed in September.