Through the viewfinder: Hear from our photographers


Vansh Patel

A picture of the trees during the early morning hours, outside of Building B.

Vansh Patel, Staff Photographer

Campus during the early morning hours, outside of Building B. (Vansh Patel)

My favorite picture from this news cycle is a picture that wasn’t included in any photo gallery in this newsletter. Usually, I publish a standalone photo gallery but this news cycle was different. I was exposed to being a photojournalist. This cycle helped me realize that I not only can take pictures and be a photographer, but I can use my ideas to collaborate with writers. The picture I chose was taken the day after I realized I could open up to this new concept. Taking pictures has always been a hobby, but from the day that I took that picture, I found a sense of passion behind it. I would like to continue forward on this journey, creating friends and connections along the way.