Teamwork makes dreams work for Men’s Tennis


Ali Mujtaba and his partner, Allen Johanson, pose alongside a NJCAA banner after their National qualifying win. Photo provided by: Ali Mujtaba

Ismael Cordova, Staff Writer

Elgin Community College’s men’s tennis team faces the issues that many other clubs, organizations, and sports teams face. Often times the stress of working alongside others to accomplish a goal can be challenging. However, for teammates Ali Mujtaba and Vincent Tolentino, teamwork is what makes their dreams work on the court.

The ECC Men’s Tennis team began their season in late March prior to Spring Break. The team consists of eight players and has competed in a total of nine matches, including the Region IV DII Tournament hosted on April 29, 2018.

The team currently stands in fifth place for the NJCAA Region 4 Division II, with a score of 6-3.

Mujtaba states that the team works very cohesively due to their extensive time together.

“Yes, you’re on the court playing alone but when you have your team they support you, and your coach is always ready to talk to you, it helps put your mind to ease,” Mujtaba said. “Today, [April 29], was our regional qualifiers against Illinois Valley Community College and since I won, I will be going to Georgia for nationals. I don’t think that would have happened without my team hyping everyone up.”

For Tolentino, the team dynamic is what makes him continue trying his best in his matches.

“We celebrate in the small victories of our teammates and support them through disappointments,” Tolentino said. “Even though I am on a different court, I am encouraged knowing the team is there to push me towards victory.”