Lighting Up the Way: ECC’s art department puts up new artwork around campus

Yesenia De La Torre, Staff Writer


Have you noticed new art pieces up around campus? You’ve most likely looked at one of 250 art pieces that were installed by student workers. 

“Students are getting real world art installation skills,” said Director of Art and Design Juan Fernandez. “Which is a skill set that they can get paid for at an art museum, art gallery, art center or for freelance.”

The Art Department has a collection of over 550 art pieces that are a mix of student’s work and from professional artists that have exhibited at Elgin Community College. 

“Part of my mission is to get the arts across campus,” said Fernandez. “We want to give students something besides white walls and fire extinguishers to look at.” 

The art gallery is working their best to label all the new pieces that were put on display. 

“There’s been a lot of detective work,” said Fernandez. “We want to share it with the entire campus and also allow staff and faculty to request artwork for their office.” 

Fernandez has been working on a system for two years for faculty and staff to request artwork. 

“There are some very influential pieces in our collection,” said Fernandez. “We want to keep rotating the collection, the art pieces just turn into wallpaper after a while if kept in the same place.”

Located in Building B the E. Max von Isser Gallery that features student work throughout the gallery. The gallery is named after  E. Max von Isser who was the person responsible for the formation of the visual arts department. 

“I try to add $1,000 to $2,000 worth of artwork from students, so we can continue growing the collection,” said Fernandez. “We want to let students know that what they do has value to it.”

The Art Department is working towards a renovation that starts in late December.

“Main operations are being moved to The Fishbowl,” said Fernandez. “Art Programs are moving to Building K.”