The ‘Spooky Style’ of ECC students and staff: Read what they wore for Halloween

Hannah Soukup and Indie Wilson

It’s Halloween at Elgin Community College. The campus is decorated, fall treats are being sold and students are dressed up. You may be wondering how staff dressed up and what the newest ‘spooky’ trends are. Keep reading to find out!

Several students, particularly those who were a part of the Students Who Are Not Silent club (SWANS), dressed up in costumes to express themselves. There was a wide variety of funny, elaborate and mystical costumes, for Halloween at ECC. 

ECC first-year student, Gabriel Cavazos, was in full costume with his friends in the Jobe Longue. Cavazos’s costume consisted of a purple cloak, a black hat with moon designs, tarot cards and fitting rings and nails. 

Many other students and staff dressed up, including Sydney Bartlett, a second-year student at ECC with a mystical, yet subtle, costume. 

“I’m just going for a modern witch aesthetic,” Bartlett said. “I didn’t want to do anything that would be hard to move in.” 

On the way to the ECC auditorium, a pink and purple costume was spotted that looked oddly familiar to “SpongeBob SquarePants.” 

The creator of this costume was Maureen Gray, a new addition to the staff at ECC. She is a psychology instructor and enjoys for constructing creative costumes. 

“I am a ‘Kuddly-Krab’ employee which is a subtle reference from the episode where Pearl takes over the ‘Krusty-Krab’ and then turns it into the ‘Kuddly-Krab,” Gray said. 

 Second-year student and SWANS member, Sophia [Solstice] Moncini. Moncini wore a green dress, corset and what brought her costume together was the beard she created with an eyebrow pencil, deeming her a ‘bearded lady.’ 

Another member of SWANS and first-year ECC student, Dabi Malum, dressed up to celebrate Halloween with his fellow SWANS members. His costume consisted of black pants and shoes, and a black colored shirt, topped with a black, spiky mask and gold jewelry. 

Malum went on to explain how his costume was put together that morning after a trip to Spirit Halloween that totaled to $12. 

“I wanted to do this costume because I have a thing for the steampunk style,” Malum said. “It’s a cool aesthetic, so out of everything, this is the one thing I’d be able to do.”