Card readings from a non-spiritual perspective

Indie Wilson, Hannah Soukup, and Jenna McKee

Card reader places places down a spread of nine Oracle Cards to demonstrate what a card reading looks like. (Hannah Soukup)

Have you noticed the increased interest in spirituality? Card readings and other spiritual practices are becoming more and more common, specifically within young adults. As crystals, chakras and energy work are becoming popularized, the validity of these practices are being questioned, and Elgin Community College second-year student Jenna Griffiths provides insight on this lifestyle. 

Griffiths is a practitioner at Enlightened Balance, a metaphysical spa in Crystal Lake, Illinois. She performs Reiki, an energetic healing process, conducts card readings and more. To better understand and debunk the mysteries of card readings, Griffiths conducted a reading on Eden Wilson, a first-year student at ECC.  

Despite her apprehensiveness, Wilson agreed to the reading and was prepared to disprove the validity behind readings. To her surprise, the cards revealed an untold story.

“It told things about me that I don’t talk about out loud,” Wilson said. “I was skeptical at first, but after hearing what Jenna said, I’m a little more of a believer.”

The cards talked about everything from Wilson’s romantic life, future career path, personality and even touched on things that Wilson had not told anyone. As Griffiths had never met Wilson nor knew anything about her, the reading seemed realistic and insightful. Instead of reflecting on Wilson’s present experiences, the cards mentioned information about her past and future. 

Griffiths was able to further identify certain traits and interests within Wilson, and this made Wilson even more interested in spirituality. Even without cards, Griffiths provided guidance on issues that were not previously revealed. 

“I’m more open to people doing readings around me,” Wilson said. “I’m okay being surrounded by it.” 

Griffiths was not out to convince Wilson whether spirituality is real or not. She wanted to spread awareness for it, but in no way did she want to be pushy. As a Catholic, she also was able to align her views with religion all while being invested in her religious beliefs. She proves that spirituality and religion are not on opposing sides of one another. 

“Everybody should believe what they’re comfortable with!” Griffiths said. “Spirituality is real, but to each your own.” 

“I liked that it wasn’t pushed onto me,” Wilson said. Her hesitant nature was born from the thought of the belief being forced onto her and the fact that it is pseudoscience. “Jenna made everything very comfortable, light-hearted and interesting.”

Griffiths has been gifted since she was three-years-old. Her mother is a medium, and she would avoid certain areas that she sensed things in. She would also see some spirits and her mother realized she had similar gifts to hers. 

“I am able to tell people what they need to know,” Griffiths said. “I get to be kind and help people.” 

The accuracy of every individual’s card reading may vary, but for Wilson’s, she found hers to be very accurate. She found the advice she received to be important, and she plans to incorporate it into her daily life. Not only were the past and present statements intriguing for her, she also found some advice and ideas from the reading to be accurate.

“I’m definitely going to take the advice to manifest!” Wilson said. “The reading was very accurate and I feel that there’s value to getting them.” 

Griffiths believes there’s no right or wrong to card readings. Every individual has the potential to do them and practice spirituality, but not everybody’s path will be the same. 

 “When getting into spirituality, take it slow!” Griffiths said. “Start with your intuition, believe in what you’re trying to obtain, and make sure to protect yourself with sage or blessed jewelry.”